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What Is Call Center Stress? How Do You Manage It?

The working environment at call centers is tough. Many call center employees get mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day. The main role of call center employees is to interact with different customers. The long-term effects of call center stress can lead to serious health complications. So, individuals need to understand how to handle call center stress.

What is Call Center Stress?

A call center employee has to handle lots of stress because of interacting with many clients, working on many things, and long working hours. This is known as call center stress. Many call center employees undergo this stress, which makes their life difficult. So, they must understand how to handle stress and work better.

How to Handle Call Center Stress?

  • Have a favorite playlist

Music is one of the best forms of relaxation and it has a therapeutic effect on the mind. There are different music streaming platforms. Agents can choose their favorite songs and prepare a playlist. When they feel stressed, they can switch to their playlist. Hearing favorite music can soothe the nerves. Add your favorite music to the playlist. The more one listens to their favorite music, the more relaxed one will be in the workplace.

  • Get support

Reduce the load and take help from call center outsourcing Philippines, the experienced and reliable agents will help to reduce the stress of the team. Relieve the stress and try to get regular feedback from peers and subordinates and be a part of the different discussion sessions.

  • Using technology as a friend

Using technology to handle call center stress is very crucial. Implementing the right technology and using the right services like phone answering services, can help the team focus on work and get less stressed. The work that requires less human intervention can be done by technology, reducing stress from the workforce.

  • Take breaks in between work

Working for long hours can have a devastating effect mentally and physically. Many think working continuously is a good practice. But that should be avoided at all costs. Regular breaks between work help the employee calm their minds, relax their body, and resume work with a fresh perspective. The managers should implement a balanced workflow for the team. This would help the call center employees tackle stress.

  • Do not skip meals

Many ignore taking food at the right time because of work. This has a catastrophic effect on health in the long run. Enjoy lunch, breakfast, dinner, or tea/coffee breaks.

This improves mental wellness and enhances productivity. Try to have meals with the team. This improves the bond and creates a healthy environment. With a healthy work environment, the employees feel less stressed.

Apart from following the tips shared above, employees should try to keep themselves calm. Take deep breaths in between. How many of us would have thought of leaving all work and taking deep breaths for some time? This sounds strange, but it does have a calming effect on the nerves. When stressed, taking deep breaths helps reduce the rising blood pressure and heart rate. Do find a peaceful place in the office, to sit and relax for a while. Sit straight and relax your jaw muscles. Concentrate on breathing. This will help an individual to destress and feel calm.


Call center jobs are stressful. The employees are always under high stress. Stress can be related to several factors. This affects them physically and mentally. So, it is important to handle stress efficiently. There are several ways, like listening to music, taking deep breaths, having proper food, and taking technical support and help from the team.

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