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10 Key Elements of a Magazine Layout Design

Usually, when individuals talk about the contents of a magazine, the focal points of the discourse are often about the cover, one of the thought-triggering articles, or the choice of fashion and clothing. While these are the key defining features of any magazine, people outside the learned circles of art or business rarely talk about a magazine’s editorial choices. Little do people know that the key details like the font styles, the placement of key phrases, and the choice of a photo kick off the sales and catch the brain’s attention.

The following article explores the key areas a publisher needs to master regarding a magazine layout design.

10 Key Elements of a Magazine Layout Design

The ten critical elements of a magazine design layout are:


The masthead is the magazine’s name in bold letters and in huge font on the cover. Since the masthead represents your magazine name, select a font and stick with it. The placement of the masthead is expected to be added to the most prominent position of the cover.

Cover Image

One of the key defining features of an issue of the magazine is the choice of the cover image. The cover image’s angles and environment describe the entire aura of the issue. This is usually related to the main article or interview of the magazine.

Main Article

At the cover layout of the magazine, editors tend to include a one-liner or heading of the magazine’s main article. These alert the readers to the main focus of the particular issue.


The font of a magazine speaks volumes about the publishing and the energy of the magazine. Therefore magazines typically go for Serif, Didone, or TNR for the main font of their issue. However, it depends on the publishers and how they want to present themselves to the reader.

 Publishing Details

There are several other details magazines need to leave in the hands of trustable magazine layout services to create the perfect magazine. These publishers take care of details and provide other help, such as the editing that all magazines require.

Color Grading

The colors of a magazine define the personality of the content. Therefore, publishing houses focus on the colors of their magazines in extreme detail, focusing on color theory to maintain the image of the contents.

Article Headlines

The headline of a particular article needs to be placed like a masthead. Moreover, they are required to be coherent yet quirky to hold on a reader’s attention. A well-phrased headline can make or break an article.


Accordingly, the subheads of an article need to be precise and well-balanced to boost readability. Hence writers must focus on making it short and crisp for the viewer skimming through.


The magazine’s layout essentially refers to the placement of each syllable, from the font size to the emphasis on quotes and their chronology. One needs to be sure not to flood a page with too much information and maintain a balance. Magazines also reach out to providers of creative design services in order to give their magazines the pop it deserves.


What most magazine layouts have in common is the key phrases in a particular article or interview that must be emphasized on the page or even the magazine cover. Therefore, magazines need to have catchy and eye-grabbing phrases highlighted in order to gain a viewer’s interest.


In conclusion, it is to be noted that although a magazine is mainly defined by the quality of its content, it is also important to focus on the layout and the designs. The quality content that the employees work so hard to produce would never see the light of day and catch an individual’s attention if it were not for other highlighting parts such as the colors, fonts, emphases, and the overall placement of a magazine.

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